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What's the Rush?

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

All over Vieques there are bumper stickers with the simple yet vital reminder, "What's the Rush?" Although there is a small second line reminding people "You're in Vieques," the sentiment holds true everywhere.

What's the rush? There is no happiness or peace to be found in rushing, yet isn't that the very purpose of why we do it? Aren't we trying to get something done or get somewhere for those very reasons; to be happy and at peace?

The irony is that happiness and peace are not something in the future that you can get to. Happiness and peace can only be found in the present moment. And the present moment can only be experienced when you slow down.

Slowing down, even in the era of Covid, is a challenge for most of us. There often seems like there is just so much to do, so many things and people to take care of, a life of proverbial 'to do' lists, onto which more and more of the unexpected often gets added as the day goes on.

How to move out of this forced rush, and into the present moment, where we can enjoy some peace and happiness?

It can be as simple as taking a moment to breathe and slow yourself down to really focus in on what is around you, with a sense of awe and gratitude.

Begin by placing your hands on your lower back and with an inhale and lift your chin and gaze up.

Taking a few deep breaths, slowly move the head, neck and gaze around, taking in where you are in time and space.

Take it in with all your senses.

Taste and breath the air, see the colors and shapes and movements all around you.

Check in with how you are feeling. Can you feel yourself beginning to settle down? Can you sense some of what you came into this moment with falling away?

Slow the breath down even more.

Move the head back to center. Really settle in now and let go with a sigh or two.

Release the hands from the hips and slide them down above the knees as you take another long exhale.

Press into the hands, to help push the shoulders back; shoulderblades moving towards one another.

Focus your eyes onto a patch of ground beneath you, of about 12 inches by 12 inches.

In this square of space see the colors and patterns and shapes. Really take in what is there, with complete attention to detail. With so much attention, that this 12 by 12 space is too big.

Bend the knees even more, and allow your hands to slide as far down as they will comfortably go, perhaps taking hold of the ankles.

Allow the neck to completely release and the head to hang heavy.

Focus your eyes in on a one inch spot directly beneath your eyes.

What do you see? Perhaps even move your fingers over it. Open yourself to really see what is there. Even the simplest inch of dirt or floor has variations of color, texture, shape.

Lengthen the breath even more. Let out another sigh.

Bend the knees, press into the feet, and roll up to standing.

Look with new eyes at the world around you. See just how much intricacy and beauty and wonder there is around us at any given moment. At this present moment. It is here, in this way, that you find peace and happiness.

May You Always Be Healthy and Well!



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