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Choosing The Magic of The Golden Present

Snorkeling under the pier this morning, there’s a bit of trepidation that I’m actively letting go of with the breath, as the shadows from the heavily encrusted pilons are casting eerie light all about and there is at least one 6 foot barracuda in the area.

In this spot mainly to observe the sea turtle and her majestic visits upwards, when she moves to the surface for a sip of air. Then, moving downwards towards the bottom, where she nibbles on a bit of sea grass.

Graceful and beautiful, despite the crustaceous growth on her shell and obvious age. Shell a bit faded, however what does it matter, it makes one realize. What are you to do, even as age takes it’s toll on you in whatever way it may? Keep doing your thing. Keep being yourself. What will be will be. Accept it.

If you want to heal? If you want to evolve into a more peaceful, healthy and happy being? Remove anything undesirable by replacing the practices that caused it with ones that are more beneficial. If you need the help of others to do so (a coach, a teacher), then that is a privilege to appreciate and enjoy. The turtle does not have that luxury, and ultimately the disease causing this visible growth becomes debilitating.

If you have that thought in mind always “How can I best serve in this situation?” Always it begins with this advocation “Treat Yourself Well” For how else can you best serve others, if you are in need yourself? Keep yourself healthy and well, and discipline your mind

Last night, thinking I was snorkeling safely (translated to, wouldn’t see much of anything), paralleling fairly close to the shore (certainly too far in and away from anything fun for the fishes- like the boat wreck or rocky reefs) and allowing my mind to wander a bit, I was almost over the giant stingray before noticing it.

The stingray, blending into the sand so beautifully, then suddenly fluttering up and forward, like a mellow butterfly, as it sensed my approach. Certainly not the action of a dangerous foe.

I floated and watched for a few dazzled breaths, then turned in the other direction and angled towards the shore and was startled to see her directly in front of me, before realizing that this was a baby stingray.

Just a blip of fear, as several thoughts occur at once. Mothers are so protective with their children around and another………I could be in the midst of a large grouping of stingrays…….

Don’t even allow fear-provoking thoughts to fully form, and let the approaching anxiety go without attachment or effort. Let it fall away and practice part of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra 2.33; replacing negative thoughts or actions with positive ones- Pratipaksha Bhavana. Cultivating the beneficial and non-harming.

Eventually, through the yoga practices, it becomes simpler and more immediate, to let go of fear or anger or greed- or whatever it is that binds you. Eventually, it is just your breath and being in the peace and happiness of The Golden Present. This is the teaching.

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