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Forest Bathing Yoga

An Extraordinary Experience

Enjoy the Healing Benefits of Nature Immersion Therapy

Gentle Yoga, Flowing Movement, Mindfulness Practice

Completely Safe Environment 

Personalized Attention





Covid Safety Compliant


Private Class for 1-4 People


Forest Bathing Yoga 


Love and Appreciation- of all that is Seen and Unseen


We gather in love and appreciation of all that is.  All that is seen and unseen.  

With no judgment, only acknowledgement and acceptance of all that is.  

We gather in love, conciously choosing to let go of fear, anxiety, preoccupation and distraction.  

Committed to an intention to let go of all the questions 

that swirl in the fast changing world around us…..

if only for this short time together.  


We choose for this time, 

to become still and quiet, 

taking a deep healing breath in, open, offering a healing breath out 

Beginning to move gracefully and gratefully, 

marrying our own rythym with that of the forest. 

 In this time and in this place we choose love and growing appreciation for all that is.  

We humbly open ourselves and receive the healing nature offers 

and in return give our respect, appreciation and love.  

Through this quiet, humble, joyful experience

of peace

we heal and honor ourselves and all that is.  


Choosing this intention of love and appreciation and acceptance.  

Healing ourselves, Healing our world.  

For this we gather and practice Forest Bathing Yoga.    

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