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What if, instead of taking on a million things and feeling stressed and rushed and 'so busy', you made the choice today to not rush, even if it meant doing a few less things on the 'to do' list?

With each thing you do, slow down. Slow way down and do them really, really well. You may find this only takes an extra 5 minutes. You may find it's a whole lot more enjoyable and perhaps even saves you time.

Five minutes is all it takes to move from the top half, to the top 20%. An extra five minutes- long enough to breath yourself consciously into your actions. Enough to slow your mind and take it all in.

To Savor it and Revel in it,

rather than rush past it, perhaps even missing it altogether.

That is the gift of 5 minutes. Today, take a few things off your list, if you must. Take the time to write down and acknowledge what you did, seemingly meaningful or not, and commend yourself for all of this and more. Commend yourself for trying something different, in an effort to create something better.

With the things you do choose to keep on the list, take a little extra time with each one, to create the details that give it life. An example, writing a review. You can take the time, like I did not until very, very recently, and write reviews for things. Thank you if you are one of those that does.

Although I certainly have used reviews for quite some time now to help with decisions, I have never bothered to give my opinion for others. I was too busy. I am sorry for that, however it can not be changed, so I do not hold the sorrow nor apology. I feel it and give it and let it go. Today I change the action and create new Karma. That is all we can do. So today, I did.

This morning, in a Monday with much on the 'to do list', I did a thoughtful review. I even took an extra 5 minutes to change it from a good and useful to a great and truly thoughtful and useful one of Elanya dinnerware. That does not mean it was extra long. You can be very effective if you are very mindful of what would be of service; of what is useful and meaningful. That is the mindset to alway come from. Service to self and others.

Let go of yesterday. I can not turn back the hands of time and suddenly have written reviews for all those years I did not. However, we do each make choices in this day that count as everything that is.

Love and Light,


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