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Full 4 minute Meditation Practicum

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

Please clink this link for the Skink Meditation:

Watch the entire 4 minute video without pausing it or rushing it and come to understand the natural process of the mind and body settling down into a quiet state. That state which in yoga we call l dharana or concentration. Concentration, or unwavering focus with a strength of mind, that is powerful as a laser beam. It is concentrated energy waves. If the practice is deep and sincere enough, then from there we move into the practice or state of dhyana or meditation. Here, the effort dissolves. There is only one. There is not the separation between the observed and the observer, there is only that thing that they become together. There is only the synchronicity or immersion or absolution or oneness......whatever name you choose to place on it. From there we move into samadhi or the experience of absolute bliss. For me, that is most easily found in nature. And to this day, many yogis disappear into the forests to increase their power- to have the strength to move into an evolved state where there is no separation. The more people that move into that state of mind, the Namaste state of mind, the more beautiful, peaceful, happy, healthy the world becomes.

Please clink this link for the Skink Meditation:

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